Watch multiple Twitch streams in one place!

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Hello, this is Uiharu working diligently to ensure safety in every corner of our academy city!


Recently, while watching various flower arrangement streams on Twitch and working with multiple tabs open, I've sometimes accidentally closed a window and had to reopen it.


This led me to consider how wonderful it would be if you could watch multiple streams all in one place. So, I created a multi-streaming site using React. On this site, you can watch various Twitch channels all in one place.


Visit the site here


We offer various channel viewing modes including 'Tab Menu', 'Cinema Mode', 'Chat Combine Mode', 'Chat Combine Plus Mode', and 'Hide Chat Mode', among others. This allows you the freedom to select the channels you want to watch and enjoy them in the way you prefer.


Feel free to have high expectations! We will strive to meet your diverse needs.


If there are any inconveniences or areas for improvement, please always write them in the 'Report Bugs / Improvements' forum.


Uiharu, working hard for a better world and a better environment, will continue to put forth great effort. Please keep an eye on us!

Thank you!

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Uiharu has gotten its own domain for the Uiharu service! (by 우이하루)

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