Uiharu added a Termux mirror repository!

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I'm Uiharu, who strives for the safety and peace of Gakuen City regardless of place and time!


For the safety of Gakuen City, Uiharu often entered the terminal and entered commands to send and receive data. When I was working indoors on support duties, the repository server was located in Korea, so I could quickly apply updates by opening a terminal window on my PC and entering the commands 'apt update' and 'apt upgrade', but when I was working in the field, I used Termux on my smartphone, but Termux's repository was too slow because the server was located overseas.

Then Uiharu created a mirror repository of Termux!


The mirror repository is updated every 4 hours! It's faster and more stable!
To set up a mirror repository in Termux, follow the steps below!


1. Open the Termux app.
2. Enter the command apt vi /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc/apt/sources.list and run it.

3. Comment out the existing sources by prefixing them with # (this will make it easier to revert them later!)
4. Enter the following

deb stable main
deb root stable
deb x11 main

5. save and exit (just hit ESC and type :wq!)
6. Run the apt update command to see if it works!


Since Uiharu was created for a safe gakuen city, why not use a faster and more stable mirror repository?

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